September 2021 - New Delivery Schedule and Policy

We want to thank all of you for supporting us and the Second Harvest Food Bank at our "United with Santa Event" this last weekend. With your help we were able to raise almost $3000 in cash and food donations as well as almost $20k in product and service donations. We hope that you will join us next year on December 11-12 for our 3rd Annual "United with Santa" event! 
Thank you to all of our sponsors. Without your help, this event would not have been possible. Our gold sponsors--Ann Thai Real Estate, Jennifer Chung from Forever Beaumore Cosmetics, Inc., Xanh Restaurant, 94.5 KBAY and Mix 106.5, Meow Tea, Jody Trịnh and UStar Productions, Linh Tuấn Nguyễn from Nét Việt Media and Paloma Café & Entertainment, 1000 Fine Events, Nona Tai from Floral Design Studio, and Kevin Lu fromRedefine. Our silver sponsors--Starbucks Store #12056 (1st & Trimble location), Trung Lam and Evan Huynh from Akimax, OASIS Floral Products, Tim Ng Photo, Vivian Phan, JC Events, Huyen T Queenie Tran from Miss Vietnam California - Hoa Hậu Áo Dài California, Maria Pia Guerra from Miss Ooh lala, Blooming Bouquet Floral Design, and Michael Le M Hai fromRobert Mullins International. Our bronze sponsors--musician Sean Ryan,Designers Touch, Madison Nguyen, Duc Quach from Flower Décor, Nita Akerson Robertson Aifd from Santa Cruz Floral, Svetlana Chernyavsky Cfd from Dream Flowers, and Snk Enterprises. And all of our other sponsors--Elma's Catering and Events, The Fabulous Party People and The Fabulous Event People, and The Party Helpers. Thank you to our many volunteers—Judith Onton, Jody Trinh, Vivian Phan, Joyce Matangi, Cecil, Sandi Nelson, Rita, Danielle, Eva, Robin, Desiree, Alex, and many others. All of you are what made this event so spectacular! Special thanks to the Mayor of Milpitas, Jose Esteves, for joining us. Thank you for supporting our business and we hope to see you again at future events. Thank you especially to our employees for working long hours getting ready for the event. Without your hard work, this event would not have been successful.